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Below is a detailed listing of our Virtual Billboard Package. If you would like to have Elite Host develop a single page website for you, be sure to select our Virtual Billboard Solution Package. If you would like and an immediate estimate, be sure to try our Instant Quote !
1.Virtual Billboard logo
Basic Account
  • http://yourname.elitehost.com
  • 5 Megabytes of Web Space (MB)
  • 1,500 Megabytes (MB) Throughput per month
  • Private FTP access
  • Customizable Mailto CGI Form
  • 1 POP3 Email Address - yourname@elitehost.com
  • CoPromote Membership
Virtual Billboard Solution Package
  • 1 page website design
  • Basic "Keyword" programming
  • http://yourname.elitehost.com
  • 5 Megabytes of Web Space (MB)
  • 1,500 Megabytes (MB) Throughput per month
  • Private FTP access
  • Customizable Mailto CGI Form
  • 1 POP3 Email Address - yourname@elitehost.com
  • CoPromote Membership
Setup charge: $49/setup Setup charge: $248/setup
Monthly charge: $9.95/month Monthly charge: $9.95/month

Here are our Virtual Billboard standard features. Items in red lettering are only available in our Virtual Billboard Solution Package.

1.) 1 Page Website Design (available with Solution Package only)

Elite Web Design and Marketing, Elite Hosts design counterpart, will provide you with our popular Billboard style web page. A single page that offers up to 300 hundred words about your business, up to two images provided by you.

2.) Basic "Keyword" Programming (available with Solution Package only)

Your web page will be enhanced with "Keywords", provided by you, that you believe your prospects/clients will most likely use when searching the Internet for you, or your type of products/services. See our Additional Services for a more advanced and powerful type of keyword enhancment.

3.) http://yourname.elitehost.com

Your Web address will appear as http://yourname.elitehost.com. This gives you a professional image, for lower cost than a Domain Name Account. This is accomplished using special configuration settings on our servers we call virtual addressing.

If you prefer a more conventional address, such as http://www.elitehost.com/yourname, that option is available to you as well.

4.) 5 Megabytes of Web Space (MB)

Each file that you create, be it an Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) document or a picture/graphic file, requires a certain amount of space to hold the information. This space is measured in bits, bytes, and megabytes.

The average size of a website here on Elite Host is under 2 megabytes, so you may have plenty of room left over to use for other website ideas you may have!

5.) 1,500 Megabytes of Throughput Per Month

In order to ensure your website loads quickly at all times, we do meter the useage of our Internet connection. Having an extemely popular website is the goal of any Internet Entrepreneur, and we endeavor to assist you in that goal. While some Internet Service Providers will charge you a flat amount per month for your Internet usage, we believe you should only pay for what you use. Why should you pay for the usage of our other customers?

Our experience has been that the average Internet web page is approximately 40 kilobytes in size. In order to reach 1,500 megabytes of throughput each month, your website would have to dispense over 37,500 pages each month! That's an average of 1,250 pages each and every day of the week! Additional throughput is available, however, once your website reaches this amount of consistant traffic, you would probably benefit more from upgrading to our next level of service. Additional throughput is available at $.05 per megabyte.

6.) Private FTP Access

File Transfer Protocol's (FTP) job is to move files from one computer to another. It doesn't matter where the two computers are located, how they are connected, or even whether or not they use the same operating system. As long as both computers speak the FTP language and have access to the Internet, you can use FTP commands to transfer files.

Private FTP is the method you will transfer your Web documents to Elite Host's server so they appear on the Web. Elite Host assigns your Website directory a unique user name and password to protect your documents from harm. You will utilize FTP client software listed on our FTP Resource page to transfer all your files (i.e. html, gif, jpg, wav, etc.) We have also prepared extensive tutorials on how to use this software.

7.) Customizable Mailto CGI Form

If you are on the Internet to do business, the ability to receive orders from a form is vital. While some Internet Service Providers are actually charging extra for this feature, we at Elite Host believe that any business website without a working form posting utility isn't complete.

Ours allows you to customize the form to retrieve a great many variables of information back from your website visitors, as well as a personalized "Thank You" response page once they have completed and sent the form. Try out our form now!

8). 1 POP3 Email Address

Electronic mail, better known as Email has quickly become the method of choice when sending important information in a timely manner. With your Basic Website account, you will receive an email address similar to : yourname@elitehost.com.

If you are unfamiliar with the workings of email and how to begin using your email address, read our Email tutorial.

9) CoPromote Membership

Far and away the most valuable service we can provide for our customers. CoPromote is the Internet's Original Advertising Cooperative. Created by our own Elite Web Design and Marketing, CoPromote was designed to be the only source of web design, Internet advertising, and marketing information you will ever need! Complete step-by-step tutorials on every imaginable Internet-related topic, our Banner Exchange program that allows you to advertise your business throughout the Internet at absolutely no cost, our new Barter Bucks program (now in beta testing) which will allow you to barter your good and/or services with participating members, and the list goes on! Take a look at CoPromote and see for yourself!

If you would like and an immediate estimate, be sure to try our Instant Quote !

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